A Futurist’s Solution for Media


In this new decade beginning with 2020 vision or perfect sight, I have imagined fresh and clear vision for farming and land management, medical centres and now for our media.  A futurist’s solution for media must start with a return of journalistic integrity reporting fact over fiction, rather than what opinion is trending on social media or political propaganda (or rather Politically Correct (PC) propaganda).


In 2020 and beyond, I believe it is time for media that spreads good, inspirational and beneficial news stories over the airwaves, infused with hope for today and tomorrow!


Imagine newspaper and other media journalists, editors and media owners who are motivated by hope, justice, righteousness (people doing the right thing because it is the right thing), love for others, as well as profit, so that all may prosper*.


Many years ago, a reputable media outlet was one who lived by journalistic integrity and the 5 principles of ethical journalism.  This needs to become the foundation once again so honour and respect can be found in mainstream media, not just a rare few.

  • Truth and accuracy (have at least two separate sources that corroborate the story)
  • Independence (not written on behalf of special interest groups such as with a political or corporate bias)
  • Fairness and impartiality (ie not biased)
  • Humanity (that it will not cause harm)
  • Accountability (if one makes an error, acknowledge it and correct it)

Source:  https://ethicaljournalismnetwork.org/who-we-are/5-principles-of-journalism


Then add to this the principles of hope, justice, righteousness, etc so that there is a more balanced view of the world and what is happening especially that which is good and inspirational, as well as how we can help to overcome that which is bad or disastrous around us.  Perhaps a simple formula of including 2/3 positive news stories and 1/3 negative as long as it includes ways to bring solutions to overcome the issue.  Examples may be recommending reputable organisations who are already providing some support in these areas such as our fire services and The Salvation Army.  It is wonderful to see that one by-product of the devasting fires of 2019/2020 in Australia is that this type of reporting is already happening and becoming more popular.  Suggested actions for readers/ viewers may include donating time, money or goods, joining action groups such as the Local Drug Action Group, or a think tank session to brainstorm solutions, joining prayer groups, writing submissions to parliamentarians or at the very least signing petitions where relevant.


Traditionally media sales are often based on fear.  To illustrate, many people buy skin care products or join the gym to look good so that someone will love them where the underlying belief may be that you are not beautiful / handsome enough to be loved.  Newspaper sales are usually higher which have the most dramatic and devasting images on the front page and headlines to shock us or make us feel something in this crazy world where there can seem to be so much going wrong that many ponder whether we really are near the end of the world, so why does anything matter anyway.  This leads to hopelessness.


We can choose instead for the media to offer hope, and share positive, good news stories.  We  can choose life and blessings, reveal ways to overcome even the most hopeless situations, share stories of love for others, and good stewardship (responsible management of ourselves and our resources) to empower us to prosper so we have more to bless others who are less fortunate.


As mentioned above from stories recently online with the devasting drought and bushfires in Australia there have been many good, inspirational and beneficial stories shared.  It is time for hope to arise in our media.


Stay tuned for next week’s blog post on a Futurist’s Solution for …



Prosperity is peace, love, joy, hope for the future, loyal friends, close family, vibrant health and financial freedom – being free to work doing what you love whether it is paid or voluntary.

~ Catherine Elliss


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