"Did The Man Who Came Back challenge your thinking in any way?  If yes, how?

It brought to understanding how important cultural traditions are and respect.

Who do you think this book would suit?  

10 - 12 year olds

I would definitely recommend it."

~Dominic, early 20's, Sydney, Barista,


"I liked how enthusiastic Ais and the Midas Touch is on pointing out different options to solve a problem.  I also like how it portrays different character's points of view's of a scenario.

All in all, the fact that it is based on a real life situation with real life problems make it relatable and can help alter young reader's decisions positively when facing problems such as these.

***** 5 stars from me!

Niko, 14 years old, student Sydney (and aspiring athlete and/or architect)

"Who do you think The Man Who Came Back would suit?  Why?

The message in this book is universal. It will suit anyone who is open to understand a perspective different to his or hers on what success really is?

This book urges one to develop a positive and practical mindset. Keeping this in mind I also think it will be an amazing book to be introduced in primary schools or bookstores.

Which character could you identify with? Why?

Afu Ling is a very relatable character, as I can understand his mindset, motivations and aspirations. Every young adult strives for fame and a comfortable life, but there comes a point in life when you are compelled to think what really is your life purpose and what makes you feel successful in life. It is a beautiful story with engaging illustrations and simple narrative to understand."

~Ishani Nigam, 26 yo, Melbourne,   Podcaster and Graphic Designer

Testimonials on the book Prosper as Your Soul Prospers

A Holistic Approach to Basic Money Management from a Soul & Spirit Perspective

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"I recently read Prosper as Your Soul Prospers and was impressed with its completeness. Catherine has taken a complex subject and presented it in an accessible manner. The book would make an excellent topic for a small group to study over a few weeks and has the capacity to impact people in a significant way."

Ted Roper, Continuous Improvement Coach.

"This is a great introduction to financial, emotional and spiritual fulfillment, based on the author’s experience of implementing tried and true ancient and profound truths. This little gem will help you get started to a more enjoyable way of living."

Darrell R De Laine, Via Amazon

"I have found this book 'Prosper as Your Soul Prospers' a very interesting, informative book, written with authority and intelligence as it covers many subjects. One in particular is the area of young people starting out in business on how they can encounter and overcome the pitfalls along the path, using God’s principles.

I would very much like to see this book in Christian book stores and to get out to the wider community as it has a holistic approach to money management and the resources and approach learnt by the author on her journey through life, which she has described in detail is very refreshing."

Dawn McCullough, retiree

"An excellent book, full of essential information for anyone struggling to move forward with their finances, wanting to change their financial habits or to give to young people so they can get a sound start to managing their money. 'Prosper As Your Soul Prospers' prompts you to have a good look at what you’re doing with your money. It's a worthwhile read for everyone who still feels they’re not fully maximising this valuable resource."

Therese Edmonds, Writer, Godsend Media

Testimonial AFTER 'Social Enterprise Evolve' Imagineering Session - Feb 2021 with Nimarta and Anand Verma

These testimonials were collected from an Imagineering 2 a Better World seminars:

Participants have ranged in age from their 20's and 30's to 60's plus, careers ranged from tradespeople to professionals, investors and retirees.

What did you like about the IM2 individual application session?

  • you get to talk
  • simple model on a solid base
  • practical session / corporate one / enthusiasm
  • everything
  • mind expanding
  • small group size, a more personal atmosphere
  • I liked the fact that I could do something
  • mind expanding
  • good overall plan, examples

What did you like about the IM2 corporate application session?

  • everything
  • the enthusiasm was contagious
  • global / network response