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Imagineering 2 a Better World offers a range of Services - full details are covered on this page.


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Seminars & Interactive Workshops

Guest Speaking


Individual Training / Mentoring

Seminars are available on either:


The Imagineering 2 a Better World project including practical application of the transformational 4 step Imagineering 2 a Better World process. For inidividuals this is about having a personal or professional vision, then developing a practical way to get there. For groups or organisations, it is about bringing your team together to come up with say three top priorities for the next 12 months and develop a strategy of how to get there. Seminars (or interactive workshops) can be very creative, at times utilising art and/or music.



Basic Money Management from a Soul & Spirit Perspective and/or strategy to reduce poverty (as outlined in Prosper as Your Soul Prospers). The most popular of these seminars is how to reduce expenses, either individually or as a group. In 2020, and beyond, we would love to see more people engaging particularly with how to increase income (as well as reduce expenses). Be part of the solution!


On variety of topics particularly Societal Transformation and Social Enterprise Evolve (SEE). SEE your way to a better world.

Catherine is also available for Author Talks where she shares parts of her 7 year journey which culminated in her book, Prosper as Your Soul Prospers or her latest amine graphic novel ‘The Man Who Came Back’. Both of these are aimed at mid-older teens and younger adults (with the former also aimed at those in transition).

As of April 2020, Catherine Joy also has a NEW podcast on Podbean, ‘Women’s Wisdom Through the Ages‘, where she answers some tough questions and interviews inspirational women of different ages and challenges them to propose solutions to some societal issues.

Visit the Podbean Podcast Website


Catherine and her team are available to assist with projects, small to very large, both in Australia and internationally.

With a background in business development, as well as economic and community development and international aid, combined with a passion to stay up to date with strategies to transform society, we welcome genuine collaboration.

Together we CAN imagineer a better world. This may be a simple as how to not only increase income and increase sales which all business development consultants do but also inspire a fresh NEW approach that is more strategic and purposeful.

Individual Training / Mentoring

A short video explaining how Individual Training / Mentoring (the video says Coaching) with Catherine can help you get RESULTS!


·         Do you need help with having a vision for this season of your life?

·         Do you have a vision, but so far have not been able to achieve it?

·         Does your yes mean yes and your no mean no?

·         Does the state of your finances distract you from being able to achieve your vision?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then our coaching packages at Imagineering 2 a Better World may be for you?

So what is Imagineering?

Imagine + Engineering

Imagine – so having a positive vision

Engineering – having a practical plan to get there

Imagine + Engineering

Imagineering … yes

Imagineering 2 a Better World …. WOW!

Contact Catherine J today to begin your journey to imagineer your better world

Various packages are available:  Imagineering; Prosper as Your Soul Prospers; F7 Building Blocks 2 Freedom

***All services by application only to approved clients.***

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