A Futurist’s Solution to Medical Centres

A futurist’s solution continues … Imagine a medical centre which is more holistic, relaxing and even fun, where the key elements are Connections, Creativity and Purpose.


Whether our ailments are very real, suspected or perhaps more psychosomatic, we can all be overwhelmed by being ill or in a state of dis-ease.  When we are not feeling well, we can experience feelings of loneliness, isolation, deprived of physical touch and/or affection, disconnectedness and even a sense of shame or guilt depending on the condition and/or circumstances.  These emotions are often exacerbated by a perceived or real lack of purpose and/or not expressing our creativity.


Imagine instead a medical centre demonstrating Connection with a different approach where there are multiple people to talk to such as a chaplain, volunteers (reminding of you of the grandparents or parents you would like to talk to or young ones who are happy to assist with your simple yet frustrating technology issue).  Perhaps even a medical assistant who can help you fill in your forms.


Imagine a medical centre which inspires Creativity set in a more natural setting such as with a garden area, a puppy to play with, games to play and people to play them with, even a room or two with music.  Laughter and music are heard.  Art supplies to be used, creativity to be encouraged.


Imagine a medical centre where volunteers or an allocated staff member can assist you to connect with your Purpose for the current season you find yourself in.  A guide to facilitate your imagineering session where you not only identify a vision or goal, but a practical solution and strategies to achieve it in a timely manner, someone to help you commit to yourself, choose an accountability partner, and even offer suggestions of where you might find further resources to assist on your journey.  You may even decide to become a volunteer yourself to inspire others.


With all the above, many of us would perhaps no longer desire to visit the doctor for minor ailments.  This could even become a more permanent community centre that happens to have a medical service attached.


So, in this new decade of clear and fresh vision, let’s incorporate the elements of Connection, Creativity and Purpose into our medical centres for all generations.


Stay tuned for next week’s article on a futurist’s solution for the media.  To review more about the concept behind this series go here or read a futurist’s solution for farming and land management.



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