Update February 2018 – Blog, Speaking and Training, plus Special Assistance


Further to the update from August 2017  social-enterprise-that-exists-to/  This page explains which groups we help and how we might do that.  Particular groups are older youth, young adults and modern day widows as well as orphans for example (in addition to regular clients for standard services!)


In 2018, the focus is three fold.  One, is the blog.  In the past I (Catherine) have not felt to share my own ideas about how to imagineer a better world (or transform societies), however so many people were asking what I thought, I decided to start blogging in 2017.  The blog has various themes such as Vision, Stewardship, Character, which address transformation on all levels but more specifically on an individual level as well as SEE Your Way to a Better World which explains how we can Social Enterprise Evolve our cities and nations so that all may prosper.  By keeping the aspects that are working now and avoiding those that aren’t we can set ourselves up for success.


Another category is 7M strategy.  This refers to a way to classify different aspects of society.  The 7 spheres of influence generally are classified into

  • arts and entertainment
  • business, the economy and banking
  • church and other religious groups
  • media
  • education
  • family
  • government.

These 7M strategy blog entries share fresh ways of looking at the different sectors.  It is about how we can bring the better world strategies in to today in a practical sense.

Two, to continue to inspire, equip and empower people to transform their own worlds, either individually, corporately or their communities.  This may be done through speaking, training or selling products such as the book, Prosper as Your Soul Prospers. Speaking and training sessions are mostly not promoted on the website.

Three, every now and then we choose to come alongside someone to assist them.  Someone who we want to see prosper who fits into one of the categories we choose to help.

Joan De Meillon is a wonderful friend of Imagineering 2 a Better World.  She is originally from South Africa.  She is wonderful painter of various genres and styles.  These are some of the most popular.  Subjects include African wildlife as above, street and country scenes in South Africa, Australian birds and Gold Coast beach scenes.  If you like her work – use the contact page and we can put you in contact with her.  We will add more photographs of her paintings and prints over time.  Prices $25 – $120 + p&h.



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