Social Enterprise that exists to…


Updated at May 2018 …  Imagineering 2 a Better World is a

Social Enterprise that exists to:

  •       Show Love and Compassion to people
  •       Inspire and Equip people to take charge over their lives (body; soul – mind, will, emotions; spirit)
  •       Transform Society by transforming individual people into fully functioning citizens within that society & / or
    • by working with a cross-section of the community to overcome social issues
  •       Reduce World Poverty – by training people to accept responsibility for themselves, their dependents (spouse, children or elderly parents) and reaching out to others in their community who have needs through solid basic money management teaching

Train people to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem

(through people experiencing coaching, seminars, reading our books,

listening to our music + consulting also available for societal transformation strategies)


Imagineering 2 a Better World does this through:

Vision – Stewardship – Character – Intimacy / Vulnerability

  • Inspiring people to have a vision for their future (utilising the 4 step IM2 strategy – Imagine – Solution – Commit – Partner or through music) – no matter their starting place or economic circumstances
  • Equipping people to become better stewards of their lives – basic management of all resources – time, health, finances, talents
  • Helping people to develop character ie gain self-control of their lives including their emotions and thoughts and learn new skills plus avoid greed and poverty and embrace generosity
  • Learn ways to be intimate / vulnerable – become genuine and authentic in all dealings, rather than having the facade of the Instagram life (which is mostly built on unsustainable debt).

Workshops – Coaching – Consulting – Market Stalls – Books


Projects supported by Imagineering 2 a Better World:

  • Coming alongside certain interest groups
    • Modern Day Widows – especially older single women who want to gain an income (micro-business, training and/or work opportunities) plus training strategies to avoid homelessness
    • Youth & Young Adults & others – teach life skills especially regarding basic money management, character and vision
    • Orphans in Bali
  • Developing music, books and other resources which are  inspirational and beneficial


Educational Institutions –  Workplaces – Churches

(especially for Team Building and Fostering Healthy Organisational Culture)

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