Social Enterprise Evolve for People and Their Cities to Thrive Part 6 The Solution S is for Staff Benefit


So far we have looked at the various aspects of the WINSOME factor relating to SEE Your Way to a Better World where SEE stands for Social Enterprise Evolve.  W is for Wider World benefitI is for Inventors and Investors benefitN is for Network of Customers, Suppliers and Producers benefit.  This week is about S for Staff benefit.


How do staff benefit in this model?  This was such a huge topic and one close to my heart because I am passionate to ensure Imagineering 2 a Better World (IM2) becomes a company of choice where people will be queuing to work with us and for us.


For me, this must come down to common core values, then attract and retain staff who agree with these core values (this will be covered in a separate article).


Our values are already reflected in policies and procedures such as position descriptions that are more individualised and flexible, and a code of conduct where we each are clear on our expectations and responsibilities.  We aim to be a place of work where people love to come, can be creative, as well as get the job done thus leading to having satisfied customers!  With happy clients and good stewardship of resources, we can continue to create new products and deliver services to inspire others and imagineer a better world.


Most importantly, I believe staff benefit most where there are clear lines of communication actioned, where staff feel a valued member of the team.  With this in mind, the goal in the future is to train staff in the area of powerful personal leadership, such as strategies for assertive win-win confrontation, setting and maintaining clear boundaries, and relating to others in positive ways.  This may be in a situation which calls for coming alongside someone as they are dealing with a difficult issue that must acknowledge emotions or clear logic and action to complete the task, often collaboratively, to the benefit of all stakeholders.


To date each staff member has benefited from personal life coaching so they have experienced the underlying philosophies inherent within the IM2 culture such as:

Vision:  Having a clear vision for the future (which could be smaller/shorter term goals or larger/longer term goals).

Character Based Personal Leadership where we each choose to live above the line, taking responsibility for our own lives, those in our care and team, and for an agreed upon wider community benefit.

Stewardship:  Where we each lead by example of being good stewards or managers of our lives including body, soul, spirit, finances, time, energy, etc.

Intimacy / Vulnerability:  Promoting a safe space where we interact more like a healthy family and can be vulnerable or real with each other in general and specific to our roles within the organisation.


The logic behind this is to have all staff trained up utilising our products, such as having read our first book, Prosper as Your Soul ProspersA Holistic Approach to Basic Money Management from a Soul and Spirit Perspective, and experienced at least some of the coaching sessions that are based on that.  We plan that everyone will have experienced at the very minimum an Imagineering 2 a Better World seminar as well, so they can see people’s lives transformed for themselves.  For more see testimonials.


Staff are the front-line marketing team for any organisation.  If staff are unhappy, it will affect clients and the bottom line.  Just like the saying ‘happy wife, happy life’, contented and enthusiastic staff put our customers at ease which creates peace of mind for all stakeholders.

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