Mother’s Day Challenge for You to Encourage Others

Any anniversary day marks the passing of time and promotes reflection in our own lives.  Mother’s Day in particular may bring bittersweet memories, great joy of new beginnings, or recurring grief and despair of broken promises and lost dreams.  Choose to speak life over loved ones this Mother’s Day.  Keep reading for the challenge.


Mother’s Day is a time where many of us feel so emotional.  We remember and grieve lost loved ones.  My heart breaks for those who have lost their own mum’s.  We may regret not having had the wonderful family where our own may have been so dysfunctional that the very mention of the word ‘mum’ or ‘mother’ makes us feel physically ill.  Or we may mourn that we have never had our own children.  It is a time of guilt for many for being less than the perfect mother, grandmother, daughter or son.


We can choose to focus on the negative, to dwell on the past or we can choose life.  It is fine to reflect back and even cry however when we dwell we are feeding the negative which is not good for our souls or our future.


So, in true Imagineering 2 a Better World style, I am making a call to action.  Rather than joining in the grief and negativity leading up to and including on the day, this year why not accept this challenge.


Choose to reach out to others, many of whose heart’s are breaking.


Who?  Choose one of the following or better one of each of the following to encourage this Mother’s Day:

1 mum

1 grandmother

1 daughter

1 woman who has never had children but always wanted to be a mum

1 woman you have judged as a mother



For each write a heartfelt note saying what you appreciate about them, be specific, give examples.  If you are not comfortable with that a simple note saying what you like, have learned and what you are grateful for about them.  This could even be to someone you don’t know very well.

Then write it in a card or send it on sms or social media.


Eg  Dear Bonny

I like the way you are such a caring mum to Bill and Ben.  You always take them to soccer practice.

I have learned that your boys know you love them when they run in and know you have prepared yummy treats for after practice like the orange pieces and cake.

I am grateful for your example of faithfulness in bringing the boys no matter the weather.  They are learning to be faithful to their team by your leading and commitment.


If you are one of the women who has always desired to be a mum, encourage a younger woman this Mother’s Day.  Highlight some of her amazing characteristics, especially if she is hoping to have her own family one day.  Share your wisdom and give hope.  Acknowledge what traits she has that would make her a great mum.


Remember every day we have a choice:  life or death, blessings or curses.  When we choose to focus on life and be grateful and speak life over others we are part of the solution.  Who can you encourage today?


Happy Mother’s Day to all women.



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