Report on Extravaganza 2013 Perth


It was wonderful that so many people stopped by the stand to record their vision and solution to a better world.  Scroll down for a snapshot.

A special thank you to Alan Coleman for his videography.


Short interviews can be seen by clicking on these links below

Imagineering interview with Chanya

Imagineering with Robert

Imagineering interview with lady in flowers and smile



What was most humbling for me was the impact seen in different ways.

Some people said they were already doing their bit to change the world and yet still felt overwhelmed.  Each was amazed to see the difference when they were challenged to make their vision positive eg no child abuse became promoting family values where each family member was treated with dignity and respect.

A few realized the importance of having someone to witness their commitment and encourage them and hold them accountable.

Although the song has not been released yet, most of those who joined the social revolution to imagineer a better world by recording their vision and solution, also chose to listen to at least one version of the Imagineering 2 a Better World song.  Most showed they were really impacted, as demonstrated by misty eyes and/or comments after how they loved the lyrics, music style or vocals.  A few said they even felt released into their destiny!

Thank you to everyone who dropped by.  I hope you have already shared your vision with your partner and encouraged them to imagineer a better world.


Thank you also to Paul Eaton and the Creative Ministries team and to Churchlands Christian Fellowship who allowed us to hold the event at these wonderful premises.

Vision Solution
A world where children are safe Training to prepare for my own Not-For-Profit
People are happy – full of joy, love and peace Compliment someone, go out of your way to help them
Adult children and their partners find the Lord and come to know His   love for them plus healing from past hurts Continue to pray and leave it to the Lord to engineer his solution
People being who they want to be, doing their own thing Start doing it myself
Loving community More other focused
To not get angry –>   peace Become more patient and calm
No strife –>   serenity and compassion Pray, surrender situation completely to God (rather than holding offense or dwelling on it)
More loving Be more thoughtful, loving those around me
No child abuse –>   treat others with more respect, dignity Purposefully encourage somebody
No-one hungry or poor –>  plenty of food and resources Donate money and/or food pray
More loving Be more open to people
Peace Send money to charity/ies who assist with peace
Neighbourhood garden / vegetable patch Collect seeds / continue speaking with neighbours
Peace Forgiveness/ thankfulness / accepting (not judging)Plus find someone to encourage and be a friend to me
Peaceful Improve negotiation skills
More green Ride to work
People being more compassionate Donate money plusBe more observant eg when see homeless people, have money ready to   give away – be prepared, aware
Zero bullying –>   caring for people If see someone being bullied, talk to them, help them (from approx 10   year old boy)
Flower opening up, bringing out the best in people Being kinder to people, helping them

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