NEW Book: ‘Prosper as Your Soul Prospers’

The first book supported and published by Imagineering 2 a Better World is …


Prosper as Your Soul Prospers:  A Holistic Approach to Basic Money Management from a Soul and Spirit Perspective

Author:  Catherine Elliss

 book cover Prosper as Your Soul Prospers

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‘Beloved, I pray that you may prosper and be in health, just as your soul prospers.’


The world’s economies are not stable.  What if the second Global Financial Crisis really is on the horizon? How can you make, grow and protect money during an extreme downturn?

It’s more important than ever to take personal responsibility for your finances now, especially by avoiding the downward spiral of overspending which can cause serious and sometimes irreversible financial hardship.  We must also take collective responsibility for our nation’s finances.  With many countries debt-to-GDP ratio at record highs, we are stealing from our children’s future so we can spend on ourselves now, a trend currently having disastrous consequences in Europe.

We as Global citizens need a financial mindset shift.  We are all – individually, commercially and nationally – meant to be cash flow positive.  There is an overemphasis here to trust in simple solutions – such as that the property market will always rise, but financial prosperity needs more information than just relying on real estate.  As we have seen in the USA and Europe, national economies that are not based on solid foundations are in real trouble.  To flourish financially, we need to understand the true nature of prosperity and how to put it to effective use.

Prosper as Your Soul Prospers sets out the basics of a solid foundation for your finances so you can prosper as you are meant to:

  • It deals with the holistic nature of finances and how your emotions are linked to your finances, explaining the link between your health, prosperity and your soul.
  • It brings together ancient wisdom from Moses, Jesus, Joseph (the Prime Minister of the world’s most prosperous nation including during the time of one of history’s worst financial crises), and King Solomon who was reported to be one of the richest men of all time.  Much of this timeless wisdom is respected by Jews, Muslims and Christians alike and embodies the message that we should not only become responsible for ourselves and our own, but reach out to others to help reduce world poverty.


The Soul section covers:

  • Mind           –    basic money management such as budgeting,

–   how to increase income and reduce expenses, and

–   explains the basics of Financial Intelligence.

  • Will             –    how to change your thinking and actions toward a better world.
  • Emotions   –     strategies are shared on how to take control of your emotions, a vital component if you are to gain full control of your finances.

The Spirit section covers:

  • Exploring common wrong spirits in regards to money, including greed and poverty, and
  • how to move towards generosity and be in a position to bless others.

The Transformational aspect utilises the Imagineering 2 a Better World strategy, encouraging readers to:

  • Imagine –  a better world
  • Solution – determine what they can do right now or in the immediate future towards that goal
  • Commit – to that goal
  • Partner – find someone to encourage you and hold you accountable; then recommend that person take part too, thus creating exponential growth towards a better world.


The author, Catherine Elliss, is an ordinary person who’s had her share of life’s ups and downs, including financially, but who has chosen to accept responsibility and learn from her mistakes, and make the most of whatever life throws at her.  She has broad ranging skills and qualifications including having studied Economics at university, has worked in banking, run a multimillion-dollar local government Economic Development unit.  She has been on business and economic boards at local, regional, national and international (bilateral) levels.  She is a Social Entrepreneur who has personally learned how to have a healthy relationship with money.


Catherine Elliss is Founder and CEO of Imagineering 2 a Better World.  This book forms the solid foundation of the overall project, Imagineering 2 a Better World.  Responsible stewardship creates finances to economically create and sustain our visions!


Catherine Elliss


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