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Where to from here?

I see this concept gaining momentum around the world.


In its simplest form, people can join and hold their own market stalls at schools, churches, local businesses and local markets, even in local government offices like community centres and libraries – create their own banners and videos, and written commitments of visions and solutions to a better world, share the idea on social media and more traditional media.


A truly global community, where we can encourage each other to choose to make a small difference every day – one choice at a time, one person at a time, one place at a time.


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To the future with more resources – time, money, human resources…

I would like the support of the international community to:

–          Raise awareness through increased coverage of people such as the TED community which has access to a diverse range of people

–          Set up a pilot scheme towards an organization and foster organic growth

–          Market research on-line and face to face to collect data to answer the top 5 problems

  • Identification of the causes of the top 5 problems
  • Identify and investigate possible solutions
    • Education : seminars, mentoring programs, buddy systems, sister school/cities relationships
    • Creative solutions: Music, arts, media
    • Develop a curriculum by July 2014 that can easily be taught at a basic level plus train up workplace trainers to deliver that training
    • Create a process of accountability such as utilising an App that records our own commitment and records the approval and ongoing support of our accountability partner
    • Create a network to track progress of the project and inspire and motivate each other
    • Record the progress of the project in the form of a documentary


* * *


As time goes by, there is more and more interest about corporate and leadership application.

  • Guest speaking sessions
  • Seminars & Interactive Workshops

… are now available to assist you:

to find solutions to the seemingly impossible…:

  • changing or drastically enhancing staff / team culture
  • troubleshooting where the issues are just too big, such as with crime prevention or motivating disengaged members of society
  • creating solutions where many stakeholders are involved


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