The Strategy is working!

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Yesterday was very humbling to see all this unfold as part of the Easter celebrations.

Many people were touched in so many ways.  Not only from heavenly music but also from the generousity of the artists, face painters, balloon people…

About 30 people committed to making changes in their lives toward a better world.  Some visions and solutions recorded are

Vision Solution
tolerance for rellow human beings get to know other people outside the comfort zone, especially from other countries
people eat too much cut my intake of food by half
a world of happy marriages Seek God first in life and commit to love each other in all circumstances
joy across the world, not based on circumstances talk to someone about their life and how they can be more joyful in their life
slow life down turn computers off – walk instead
love give my life to help others
people are generous, truthful and empathetic give generously to those in need
everyone look out for one another and stop damaging the world inspire people, give hugs, tell people how much they are loved
love people can always help each other, make friends
spread love love those who are difficult to love, show kindness, keep talking to them if they continue to ignore you
live harmoniously, regardless of race or religion develop understanding
to see more people bow their knee to proclaim Jesus to be King and their Lord go to India and I’ll bring 1,000,000 to feel loved before I die
100% joy life-style spread the joy by the Holy Spirit – giving,laughing, be happy,
love and peace love, love, love
equality of all things – food, shelter, safety, peace and ultimately love
It starts with me, keep my heart and present towards God, love to fill my heart so I am able to love the people I meet without judgement of anything that I see.  By showing love and care to others, they too may be touched and pay it forward


reconciliation serve my family
everyone smiling Don’t make others angry. Tell people Jesus loves them.
Bringing the Kingdom of God to earth for everyone Meeting the people where they are at and sharing God’s love with them.
Heaven on earth Pray change. Be humble. Do what the Word says. Tweet the Word to 2,500 people daily.
People loving each other, no competition and greed Encourage people, build people up to fulfil their dreams, support people who have been broken by the world, help the sick to go back to being healthy

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