Success Strategies for Young or New Job Seekers and Parents in This New World

French quarterJob seeking can be stressful.  Mostly because of unrealistic expectations, the spirit of entitlement, fear of not being able to do the job plus it’s show time for both the young or new job seeker and possibly also apprehension for the parent/s to see the fruit of how good a job as a parent has been done.


Parenting, teaching and being a boss, is test of patience!  Especially with the unhelpful social and other media attitudes that are detrimental to our young ones such as the ‘whatever’ attitude.


I often wonder why wouldn’t parents who spend a fortune on their children with gadgets, stereos, clothes, leisure activities, etc pay these same youth and young adults to receive life coaching where they are held accountable with someone they respect (once they are matched with the right coach)?  A softer option initially would be to read chapters of transformational books and have weekly meetings answering questions for accountability in a small group or family setting.  This also allows for the opportunity to demonstrate growth of character.  Of course, combined with old fashioned pocket money plus additional money given for doing chores, the chances of success are raised!  If money weren’t on tap, youth and young adults would have an incentive to work!  Or as some would suggest, are you still depriving your offspring?  Refer to the previous article

When I am speaking to parents the usual response is that their children aren’t interested in working or making money.  From my experience, when it is about ways to empower themselves to get what they want – they become very interested!  Refer to video testimonial of an 18 year old on reading the book, Prosper as Your Soul Prospers: A Holistic Approach to Basic Money Management from a Soul & Spirit Perspective.


When we are employed, we are employed to do a job.  We become employable by having a ‘can-do’ attitude that is pleasant.  This implies self-discipline, being punctual, following instructions willingly and immediately.  This is the opposite of what the world would have us believe – we can do what we want when we want and still get what we want.  That rebellion and selfishness is in itself controlling in nature.  The logical consequence of that behaviour is that it leads to poverty and a life of slavery.  Refer to previous article


Some hot tips for young or new job seekers:


1  Be realistic about what type of job to apply for. 

Best to apply for jobs that suit your interests, experience and qualifications.  This possibly includes anything to do with hospitality as you have experience making your own food sometimes and cleaning up after yourself (hopefully) or basic administration as much of your school work has prepared you for.

2  Don’t let inexperience stop you:  Consider offering an unpaid work trial. 

Why should anyone pay for someone who is inexperienced?  We are employed to do a task, which if we don’t already know how to do it, we need to learn how.  Offer to do a few shifts for free to prove you are serious and can do the tasks required in that job.

3  It’s all about attitude.  Having a ‘can do’ attitude is vital. 

The world is full of people who make excuses, live in denial and don’t take responsibility for their actions.  When you display a ‘can do’ attitude – you stand out.

4  Have realistic expectations.

If you are new to the workforce or new to the industry, expect to do the lowest jobs.  Even if you are a seasoned professional who is in a new company or a new role, it is like starting at the bottom having to prove yourself all over AGAIN!  This can be frustrating however if you expect it and don’t let it bother you, that attitude in itself helps you to stand out.

5  Desperate to work but cannot find a job – consider volunteering.volunteering pic

I have worked with or ran teams of volunteers for years.  If you have a positive attitude, are pleasant, and actually do the task you are employed to do (either paid or as a volunteer), you feel better about yourself, are learning new skills and possibly if you have been volunteering for a while, will receive a glowing reference.  Usually it’s these people who are employed in a paid position within a very short space of time.


If you want to make money to enjoy life, such as going to awesome places – be employable!  If you want to demonstrate love, respect and honour to those who have invested time and resources into you and your education, be employable!  Bottom line, to be employed, be employable!


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