SEE Your Way to a Better World: Character is Essential



Last week we read that without vision, people perish.  We can see the universal truth of this where our next generation is struggling to find purpose, being distracted by social media at best and falling prey to addictions of drugs, porn, alcohol, violence, and increased suicide at worst.


SEE we learned is Social Enterprise Evolve referring to the fact that we need love and money to create a better world.  The 4 key components are Vision, Character, Stewardship and finally Intimacy or Vulnerability.


Vision is first.  The transformational 4 step Imagineering 2 a Better World strategy is

Imagine (vision):               What do you see as your better world? (must be positive)

Solution:                              What can you do today, this week or this month toward that vision?

This must be a SMART goal – Specific – Measurable – Achievable – Realistic – Timely

Commit:                               Commit to this action by writing it down and signing it, or sharing on social media

Partner:                               Have an accountability partner who checks with you and encourages you to ensure you follow through PLUS

encourage them to do their own vision and solution (it must be someone new ie it cannot be someone who is already part of Imagineering thus creating an exponential impact toward a better world)

For more details check out various pages on this website also the for mini-tutorials.


Second is Character.

In these days it seems reputation is more important than character.  This may be true in the short term such as when mud is thrown at someone on social media, however over time someone’s true character is revealed.  Interestingly it is going through trials that reveal our character – what is on the inside of us comes out.  We CAN ensure that the ‘yuk’ is gone and only the gold comes out!  This is called the purifying process such as in gold processing, where the dross comes up first before the pure gold is seen.


The good news is we can choose to work on our character and become the best me or you that we desire.  Of course, for there to be good or gold inside of us, we need to be putting good things into our hearts and minds.  An old proverb paraphrased is to focus on things above, things that are noble, things that are excellent, things that are pure.


Social media in general perpetuates lies that tell us it’s all about how you look, your physical body, the car you drive, the holidays you have, the house you live in.  Much of the lifestyle stuff is not paid for and comes from unsustainable debt.  This is all surface.  Just because someone is physically stunning does not equate to being successful.


“Prosperity or success here is defined as love, peace, joy, hope for the future, vibrant health, close family, loyal friends,

and being financially free to do what you love, whether it is paid or voluntary.”


When we think of people we admire that we would also want in our lives when times are tough, there are certain character traits that we desire in that person:  loyalty, honesty, integrity, wise, fun, a great role model, fulfilled, successful (as defined above), perseverance and resilience.  What they look like, dress like, drive, where they live or work, does not come into it.


Character is displayed in our souls – our minds (mindsets and habits), will and emotions.  Preview of upcoming post on ways to build character: tips include journaling, listening to inspiring and inspirational music and more.


Stay tuned for next week’s instalment on Stewardship.




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